Capricorn psychic tarot reading for december 2019 by pam georgel

About Youtuber David Johnson Videos. Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Oct Channel youtube.

Capricorn Psychic Tarot Reading June by Pam Georgel

I am a Psychic Tarot Reader from Pakistan. Personal Readings are also Love and Relationship Readings..

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Guiding you All about Love, Romance and Partnerships in your life. Frequency about 13 videos per week Since Mar Channel youtube. Views Count- , Chicago, Illinois About Youtuber My name is Susan Rowlen, I am a very intuitive psychic medium based in Chicago, Illinois offering personal, business, paranormal, and cold case investigative services through out the Midwest. I have found joy in extending my insight to those in need of my help and services. It's my intent that the videos post on my channel will help others in similar situations.

Frequency about 1 video per week Since Mar Channel youtube.


Bella the Sercet Psychic is the best and trusted psychic reader in the business with over 20 years experience. Frequency about 4 videos per week Since Feb Channel youtube.

Capricorn Psychic Tarot Reading May 2019 by Pam Georgel

Her strongest ability, 'Remote Viewing', makes it possible for her to see into the past, present and future along with specific details including names and dates. I am an empath, psychic medium and healer. I use Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards to channel messages and guidance.

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I am on a spiritual journey and would like to connect with like-minded people. I am intuitive reader and base my readings on the energys I feel at the time. Frequency about 15 videos per week Since Oct Channel youtube.

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United States About Youtuber Riz is an internationally-known master trance channel, psychic medium, psychic intuitive instructor, host of live talk show Brotherhood, and author of Red Eagle Speaks. Riz channeled over Circle of Light events weekly at Red Eagle Ranch, Malibu where he channels wisdom messages from a non-physical spirit guides or energies and internationally Frequency about 1 video per week Channel youtube.

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Get popular videos from Top 15 Psychic Youtube Channels delivered directly to your email inbox. Top 15 Psychic Youtube Channels. With the gemstone crystal I drew for your sign, I give you a description on the gemstone's key characteristics, including the details about the particular stone's energetic connections, what planets, zodiac signs, and chakras are associated with the stone, and the healing properties on how the stone can be useful in healing work on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies for your specific sign.

Capricorn 1st-15th November 2018 ~ Expect the Unexpected Capricorn ~ #Revelations #Shocks

Time frames on these readings are now and go out one year in time from October to October of I am hopeful these readings will be helpful and guide you to more peace of mind and well being. Venus Retrograde Psychic Tarot Readings. The first of the 3 cards is focusing on what you may be struggling with, the second card is what or how you are clearing it out, and third card is how you. These will be connected to you for quite some time, perhaps a year or two into the future.

Thanks for purchasing my videos on Vimeo! In these Jupiter in Sagittarius Psychic Tarot and Crystal Reading videos, I am focusing on the energies of how Jupiter in Sagittarius will be effecting each sign of the Zodiac, and giving you psychic predictions and messages about how it will be affecting each sign of the Zodiac for this 1 year period Nov 9th - Dec 3rd I am pulling 3 cards from the Tarot Mucha Tarot Deck and also using my crystal to bring you messages and predictions from my Spirit Guides to help you navigate this planetary transit.

Thank you for purchasing all of my videos here on Vimeo. These videos are twice as long as my usual New Year's Readings, and are filled with more information as there are also double the cards. Here I give you psychic predictions and messages from my Spirit Guides for what your sign may experience throughout the year of , which will hopefully give you some insights, cautions, guidance and also what blessings are coming up, that would be helpful for you to know at the beginning of this New Year of Thank you so much for tuning into my psychic readings, and your highly valued and appreciated continued interest in my work with Spirit, and for all of your purchases of all of my videos on YouTube.

I wish you a fantastic !


In these videos I am using two different tarot decks to give you psychic messages and predictions focusing on. I have pulled three cards. These predictions and messages. These cards brought up some. Thanks so much for all of your purchases of my Vimeo Videos! I was surprised at what cards, messages and predictions came up in these Big Love Readings for , as some of them were dramatic for couples and also in a few of the singles as well.

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  4. In these videos I used 2 different Tarot decks - 4 cards from the "Tarot Mucha Tarot Deck" for the "Singles" and 4 cards from the "Robin Wood Tarot Deck" for the "couples" for each of the zodiac signs, plus I also pulled also 2 additional cards 1 for each of them - from the "Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Cards," for a total of 10 cards in each video. These videos are quite long, with an approximate running time of 37 minutes.

    Please know there were also many good and positive messages in these videos as well. But I am honest with you in the messages I received, so please be prepared. The January eclipses will "eclipse" things out of our lives that are not serving our highest good, and this includes relationships. I wish you all the happiness, blessings and healing in the area of love, romance and love relationships! In these psychic tarot readings for "What's Lucky For You in " videos, I am pulling 3 cards from the.

    You can also. Thanks so much. T hese are not your typical Tarot Readings! This Osho Zen Tarot Deck brings up themes from a soul perspective, focusing on your Past, Present, and Future for your Astrological Zodiac Sign, by bringing in big themes and broad messages in these videos - mixed in with predictions Starting in April out as far as the year I pulled 6 cards in total; 3 main cards and then 3 cards to expand the messages.

    Thank you for all of your purchases of my videos on Vimeo. From May through December In these videos I used two different tarot decks and my crystal, to look into each zodiac sign's Career and Finances sectors, for a 12 to 18 month time period starting in May I rounded out these Psychic Tarot and Crystal Readings, by looking into the crystal to see what the challenges, and blessings will be in both Career and Financial areas for your astrological sign. Just a thought.

    You were so right about message from deceased love ones. I saw my great grand parents and grandparents. Probably they're the ones that nudge me to watch this again. And so many things you said here are unfolding slowly. I always feel like you are literally speaking to me directly as if we were in the same room! I am listening a bit late and most things have happened already.

    Just incredible! Getting my house and property tidied up and a new fence put in and trees taken out.. Did have family issues with hubbys family but I don;t live near them and want to move on from them.. Yes I have had a plumber, electrician, a builder.. My son is coming up to help me sort garage out soon. Yes been shredding and burning lots of business papers from way back..

    Been a big job and it has taken three months to clear out stuff.. One day I'll make me pass out. Yes needs to sign some legal papers to drop our court case. Im master reiki Thanks for mentioning the spraying from the chemtrails in the skies. I live in the state of WA and the last time they sprayed our skies this February our weather changed drastically with cold temperatures, heavy snows to the point roofs were caving in and icy rains non of which are normal for Western Washington.

    I have also talked with other people who are noticing getting sick after our skies are sprayed also, just sick of it.