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Imagination vs. If you are struggling with knowing whether you are actually interpreting the divine or just "making stuff up", be sure to listen to this episode! Tarot Rituals. There is no need to do lengthy rituals every single time you cast a spread! Especially when you have a long line of clients waiting for a reading. We explain exactly what is necessary to open that valve of intuition and to keep it open while you are doing a Tarot reading without bogging everything down with superstition.

We tackled some more of the popular questions asked on the internet about the Tarot. We also covered some professional secrets on HOW to get the kind of amazing results everyone wants from a reading. Tarot "Why" Questions. Why Learn Tarot? In today's podcast, Mandy, Sharon and I tackle questions submitted by our listeners. They want to know things like, why should they learn the tarot?

Why use tarot cards? Why are tarot cards accurate? And why do tarot cards work. What gives you confidence in reading the Tarot? Today we teach you how to have GENUINE confidence when reading your cards—how to develop a trust bond with your intuition, and what it takes to feel comfortable in any situation when reading cards for anyone. It really is not that hard. In fact, most of what you need to do is to simply get out of your own way silence the yappy dog. Today we show you how in just over 30 minutes. We also share some embarrassing stories. Tarot History Talk. How to turn your Tarot readings Tarot Experiences!

Great advice on how to make your Tarot readings something your clients will remember! How to do Tarot parties step-by-step. A step-by-step discussion on how to do great Tarot parties and get paid for them! How to make a LOT of money—and change your life—with your tarot cards part 3. We give you tips and techniques that can help you plan out the best Tarot event and avoid extra stress and anxiety involved with such a large endeavor. Tarot Events: What to do when things go wrong and how to fix them.

How to make a lot of money reading cards—right now! This is a showcase detailing the steps Mandy on the Moon has taken to further her Tarot career. It is filled with many tips and details of how to further your own tarot career! Tips and techniques on forming the best questions to get your clients the most in-depth answers!

Magic Moments. We talked about the difference between e-mail and live Tarot readings. We also shared some of those "magical moments" that make Tarot reading so exciting! How to Read Tarot for Yourself. Today we talked about the obstacles to reading Tarot for yourself. We gave a lot of tips, techniques, and exercises to help you overcome these obstacles. No Dog and Pony Show.

Join Mandy, Sharon, and I as we discuss how unfair it is to you and your clients to try to do a reading without any information from your client. Why Groups are so Awesome! After all the talk we've had about how fun and important groups are, we decided to share one of our sessions with the public. All the Stuff You Can Do! There are many more uses of the Tarot than just divination! Come join us to find out about Tarot dowsing, brainstorming, problem solving and more! Tarot Card Meanings : 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Cups.

Discussion on the six, seven, eight, nine and ten of Cups in the Tarot deck to help overcome leaning on keywords to do a reading. What it's like to be a professional tarot reader.

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Tips on what to expect and what to avoid as a professional tarot reader. We shared some war stories and some funny predicaments. What clients should you avoid? Reading cards is fun! But, when you have a client who wants to do something criminal, or they want to know if they have cancer, or they have legal issues, and so on. You need to know when to say "no. How to cast tarot spreads like a professional.

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In-depth discussion today on a few spreads and how to really make them work hard for you. This is a small sampling of the depth of professional tarot education you get at our school at easytarotlessons. Tarot card meanings: Ace, two, thee, four, five of Cups. Casual discussion today. All about the first five cards of the suit of Cups.

Along the way we shared a few insights learned the hard way from decades of reading professionally. We are always here to help. Tarot card meanings: 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Coins Pentacles. Today we examine the last six cards of the suit of Pentacles or "Coins. Take a fresh look at your cards and develop a more clear dialog with them, and your readings will become exponentially better. Tarot card meanings: Ace, two, thee, four, five of Swords. What do these stupid cards mean anyway? In this series, we explore every card five per audio lesson far beyond the standard generic meanings you will find in any book.

Come learn for free. Easy Manifestation Lessons series 2. Long lesson on how to super-charge every bit of magic or prayer you ever do. Easy Manifestation Lessons mini-series. The new mystery school is open. Here is a sneak peek a few free mini lessons on the difference between "wanting" and "getting.

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What does this card mean? We took a deep look at the 6 and 7 of swords, and the various ways they can come up in a reading. We continued on with the 8, 9, and 10 of swords, comparing them against each other and along the way revealing some great information every reader should know. New tarot game! Astrology spread and the tarot cards exercise. After that we played another tarot game from Advanced Tarot Secrets. Ace, two, three, four, five of Coins. Mandy is back from vacation so we spent some time on that before getting to the Ace, two, three, four, and five of Pentacles or "Coins" in the tarot: and new ways of looking at these cards to find meaning without memorization or forcing artificial formula.

Tarot suit of Wands: plus professional advice on reading cards. Today we covered the tarot suit of Wands cards and gave some professional advice on reading cards for a living and how to actually make a livable wage doing it. In this episode we show you how to know what your cards mean when they come up in a reading without memorizing keywords and phrases. Tarot suit of Wands: Ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Wands. Reading tarot cards should be easy and fun, but it takes practice, and a solid education if you are going to give GOOD and accurate readings. Today we started with the basics: What do the ace, two, three, four, and five of wands tarot cards actually mean when they show up in a spread?

How do you know what each card means in different situation? We answer that here. Mandy's first corporate tarot event! Today's tarot lesson is on how to build your tarot business from the ground up. Using Mandy as a real-life example we talked about how you can start small reading over the phone and how easy to network once you understand the basics of running your own tarot business, starting from psychic lines to working at markets or psychic fairs, to private clients, tarot parties and corporate events.

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  • How to read tarot for the public real-life lessons from the front. This is a real life case study: We reveal the exact steps Mandy took to evolve her tarot business from reading tarot over the phone to reading professionally in a busy marketplace. This is "tarot reading from the front lines" because she is reading tarot for clients every Monday with her own stall in a bustling outdoor market.

    You can have fun and make money too, but you have to apply yourself and do it right here is how.

    Free Tarot Reading by the Decans

    This lesson explores exactly what steps we took together to get her away from the phones and establish herself as "the tarot reader" known to the public in her area—and how she started making money, and getting new clients, on her first day "at work. New fun tarot game "Blind Date" makes learning card meanings easy. Today we teach you how to play the new tarot game "Blind Date" and show you how and why it will make your readings twice as detailed with accurate information for your client, fun, and entertaining.

    Mandy gets full credit for inventing this game and it has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. Memorizing tarot card meanings is a fool's journey.

    Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

    Try our way—it works. You can learn all of this and more at easytarotlessons. How to rid yourself of bias when reading tarot cards. Bias has no place in divination, yet none of us are raised since birth as prognosticators. There is no school like Hogwarts where we are separated from the outside world so we can focus on our inner eye, ear, and senses. Our conscious awareness is cluttered with the duties of daily life and the joys and scars of past experience. In this lesson we show you how to counteract all of these facts and develop your skills through proper persistent tarot practice, after a bit of fun in the first few minutes.

    What are problem clients and how to handle them. Occasionally you run into a client who is just trouble. It could be your friend, family member or "yet another" skeptic trying to prove to you that there is no such thing as divination. We talk about how to spot this early on and how to politely and maybe not so politely in extreme cases deal with it. It is all about intuition and self-awareness. The lion on the card has the power to devour the rose, but instead holds the flower still. There is restraint being displayed.

    There are strategies and plans being made. It is all about the big picture instead of the instant gratification. My best friend has a personal mantra: discipline is freedom. This helps her to think long term and make decisions that set her up to have more choices in the long run. It is far too tempting to give in to the easier path now. It is natural to eat the rose, especially if you have big sharp teeth like the lion.

    But if we listen to our intuition and have a moment of self-awareness, we will hear the messages that point us to the healthier choice. If we are driven by fear, anger, lust or jealously, we will make decisions that are short sided and often unhealthy. Strength is all about patience. It is about slowing down long enough to hear what we need rather than what we want.

    It is about building a solid path ahead. This card is connected to The Heirophant because they both call us to be still. They want us to tap into the power of listening before we make any decisions. When on the path to find a new direction it can be tempting to make quick choices, but remember that timing is so important if we want things to go well.

    Openness and patience will be your friends this week. We can set ourselves up for success by planning, listening, and staying aware. There is so much goodness on the horizon. Mantra for the week: The Universe has a glorious path for me. I am both open and patient when receiving signs on where to go. The Hierophant and Strength We are continuing to receive messages and signs from the Universe.

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