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Today, as creatrix Venus nestles down in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house, you may feel a stronger-than-usual attachment to home sweet home. Start pinning decor inspiration and see how your room configurations align with a Feng Shui bagua map. Is your desk in your love corner? No wonder you feel married to the job! Now's the time to renovate or redecorate.

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You might be amazed what a fresh coat of paint or new furniture arrangement can do. When it's done, host one of your legendary dinner parties while Venus hovers here until November 1. Catch up over FaceTime or meet for a warming drink.

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Tune in to your deeper emotions today, Leo, as the moon and numinous Neptune hold ceremony in your mystical eighth house. Your intuition could reach near-psychic levels, and your hunches could very well be correct. This karmic connection could also crank up the coincidences. Just as you think of someone, you get a text from them or you bump into them on the street.

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The serendipities could feel downright magical. Visualize what you want and watch it manifest! Control freak alert!

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Today, a dicey moon-Jupiter square could bring out your obsessive side. In love, your fears of rejection could especially spin out of control today. Lucky numbers are 3 and 5.

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You have some really big ideas today, Leo, so give them some thought. Lucky colours are ginger and blue. Lucky numbers are 10 and Your ambitions are fired up today, making you raring to go.

You will also lose your patience if you think someone is dragging their heels or not doing their bit to help you. However, yelling at them may not be the best solution to your problem. Try a little tact, Leo!

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Lucky colours are yellow and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 14 and At some point you should cast an eye around your home to see if you can improve it in some way. You could come up with some great interior design ideas. Lucky colours are mother of pearl and oyster. Lucky numbers are 2 and Harmonious relationships between family members are encouraged as Venus sweeps into Scorpio today. Real estate negotiations, legal matters connected with a family business, or the artistic endeavours of a parent are stimulated this month. Lucky colours are lavender and silver.

Lucky numbers are 4 and

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