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Should you trust your gut instincts? Or would it be better to take your time, think things through, and decide how you feel about a delicate situation? The more time you take to reflect, the surer you'll be, right? This can certainly be the case. Yet, all too often, our initial impression of a particular scenario disappears once we've had time to acclimatise to it.

Persistent pensiveness might take you no further than you've already come. But it just might inform you of the perfect path to take.

You're a Leo, born under the majestic symbol of the lion. Awesome and adorable, fierce and cuddly, you can inspire love and fear. So why do you so seldom capitalise on your awe-inspiring charismatic strengths? It's as if you sometimes forget your persuasive powers, and your ability to charm. Yet, even when you're not aiming for maximum impact, you remain a tour-de-force. You've earned your right to be centre-stage today.

Don't let anyone tell you differently, and enjoy the well-deserved acclaim. They say it 'takes all sorts to make the world'. Yet where are the people who think that? Who are these icons of compassion? Haven't they understood that it's our differences that make life so complicated? The world would be much simpler if everyone just did things one way - and that's your way! You're usually an accepting soul, yet you're finding it impossible to accept a particular attitude.

You're witnessing something that should not be overlooked. Don't be afraid to call out what you see. It sometimes feels as if we're surrounded by people who have all the answers. The truth is that you're sometimes a member of this group of individuals. That's why you also understand that knowing the right answer isn't always enough. It's important to match the solution up to the right question too.

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It seems that someone has mismatched answers with questions; they're certain you've got the wrong end of the stick. Venus, your ruler, brings an opportunity for dialogue and compromise. Some people lack sensitivity to others. They're so impervious that they don't even realise that they're being rude, disrespectful or selfish. But then, since they're insensitive, we'd be silly to expect any better! So, how should we respond to such individuals? The relationship in question, though, may not be current.

Daily Gemini Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222

It may have happened long ago. Maybe sparks flew, dramas erupted and consequences ensued. Your consciousness is still expanding from lessons you learned long ago.

Your reactions have shaped your attitude towards relationships ever since. This potentially healing year is when you gain an understanding of someone else. That will have a helpful effect on all your interactions. It will make you easier to approach and thus easier for you to attract, into your life, the support, love and appreciation you so much deserve. November 23 — December Perhaps you fear will bring an occasion where you find yourself beaten? Actually, in this year of the rare Transit of Mercury, you will discover how to move on from a stressful situation.

Effort, currently, seems to be required in your love life, your social life and your home life. You feel you are being required to give more than you can spare; yet this year brings new genuine inspiration. The natural side-effect of that is positivity. And positivity, when applied to any interaction between two humans, inevitably takes away the rough edges and creates enthusiasm.

If you like the sound of all that but fear you cannot see any of it on your horizon hold tight. No matter how far away from magic you seem to be right now, it will eventually present itself. December 22 — January Breathtaking, life-changing, love life moments only occur if things are going very wrong or very right.

Mostly, mainly, we just trundle along. It is only when the smoke of a problem gets in our eyes that we fear our hearts are on fire. But where lately your inner alarm has been setting off psychological sprinklers, soon you will see you are safe to relax. Far better, surely, to have stability than to be swamped by such a sense of immediate enormity that we feel we can no longer even cope with day-to-day existence. In , you wake up, seize the controls and start asserting your will over the direction of your personal life. That has the potential to create tension.

You can, of course, make choices that bring consequences. But this year, there will soon be a much-improved ability to appreciate and celebrate the new. Be ready to make the most of exciting, encouraging change.

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January 21 — February Aquarians, they say, are aloof, unemotional and immune to soppy sentiments. Yet you are undeniably sensitive. Improvements will come where needed, opportunities will arise where desired. Where you are willing to share, to listen, to believe, to be explained to, you will make positive progress. Likewise, wherever you are willing to hear what someone has to say, even if they find it difficult to communicate.

The Transit of Mercury may only be a brief event in May but symbolically it affects your outlook for the entire year, helping you to become a person others feel they can trust. It requires responsibility.

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It can lead to you feeling encumbered by obligation. But people who are in demand are never lonely. February 20 — March Events in bring the opportunity to strengthen an existing involvement with a member of your family, a close friend or someone with whom you are romantically intertwined. There is, in this, an opportunity to broaden your own sense of identity. As you respect and recognise the true depth of your own inner spirit you will become able to inject a spirit of freedom into circumstances which might otherwise seem onerous.

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The forthcoming Transit Of Mercury will have a big impact on your whole year in that it shows you how to facilitate change without pain! You can move on from the past without some great sense of misgiving or discomfort. You need not feel that the only way to improve your emotional life is to do something drastic with difficult consequences. There is a way to gently turn a situation around.

This year, the cosmos helps you become the one who is in charge of your own destiny, who can take control of how relationships develop and make sure good things happen, just through the sheer force of love, hope and positivity you exude. Is romance written in your stars for ? Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Is romance written in your stars for ? More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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