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Like that, there are 88 "specific points" of duration in summer and 87 points in winter. In summery, all the activities like irrigation, farming and harvest are done by studying the birds, cloud and many more nature developments. It was around BC there was an old woman in Lhokha District in Tibet , who we believe lied the foundation of first ever lunar calendar. She stated that after first 7 days i. Then after 7 days i. This whole process is call month and first 3 months will see onset of heat waves, spring Next 3 months will see rainfall and greenery summer and next 3 months will see flower and fruit grows autumn and last three month will have cold waves winter.

In this way she taught the four season of the calendar base on motion of moon. Therefore, these are the basic foundation on which Tibetan Astro Science has grown with age. The Elemental Astrology Byung-rTs : Elemental astrology is a subject which deals mainly with prediction based on elements in conjunction with 12 animal signs , 9 magic square and 8 parkhas. Thus, it is very identical to Chinese system. Though Tibetan people have their own elemental knowledge long before Chinese influence but it was during 7th century AD when Tibetan King Songtsen who took Chinese princess Gyasa for his wife during which Astrology started to flourish to great extend in Tibet.

Princess Gyasa is known to be expert in Elemental Astrology and she brought many scared scripture of Chinese astrology and medicine. So, in this way elemental Astrology come into complete shape. The idea behind this art of prediction is that when the function of the element are well balance , one will enjoy good health and happiness in the life but when it is disturb then one will become sick and may even leads to death. The very simple example for this is that people normally tend to get illness when arrived in new place and environment.

Because the body elements and elements of the environment sometimes get imbalance and causes illness if not careful. Therefore, the elemental astrology is very helpful to know the influence of these elements on our body and mind. So to know these influences , one must know the relationship between the elements , which are in the form of mother, son, friend and foe in connection with factors like time , mewa , pharkha and planets. Based on these factors Tibetan astrologer makes prediction. Uses of this astrology is mainly for the service of people to guide them in the right direction by avoiding some obvious obstacles in life.

Base on this knowledge we make detailed personal horoscope , compatibility chart, medical chart, one year prediction , dead chart etc. Then the emanation of Vajrapani , King Suchandra compiled the basic kalachakra tantra and miraculously left to Shambala where he widely preach kalachakra tantra to the maximum audiences for many years.

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The root kalachakra tantra also called Mulatantra has twelve thousand verses. He later wrote sixty thousand verse commentary called Explanatory Tantra. These texts are the primary references for Kalachakra practitioner and Buddhist astro. Kalachakra tantra is said to be the highest level of Tantra in Buddhist philosophy , which consist of five chapters.

The first and second chapter emphasize mainly on outer and inner prospect of entity whereas last three chapter deals with alternative prospect.

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Outer kalachakra focus mainly on the external world of environment like formation of universe , moment of planets and star and other cosmological factors. Since the name " kalachakra " itself is mean for "cycle of time ", construction of accurate calendar is unique feature of this system.

Unlike western calendar , which is primarily set at the cost of human convenience, kalachakra calendar is relate with the reality of nature , in accordance with inner body mechanism. Based on these knowledge , Tibetan Astro-Science has develop and flourish. Inner kalachakra emphasize more on the living being that dwell on this universe.

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It explains inner body formation like chakras , channels, elements , and movements of the wind energy within. In this way, we can related our inner body with outer force. This theory of relationship between inner body mechanism and the outside influence is very fascinating which scientist are yet to explore! Tibetan medicine also can be categorized under this chapter.

Alternative kalachakra is mainly a spiritual practice like initiation , meditation and visualization of personal deity for the purification of our soul which ultimately lead us to buddhahood.

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Yet, outer and inner Kalachakras are the process or path , which helps us to understand the synchronizations of microcosmic world of human body with macrocosmic world of universe. Thus, the expression "as outside, so inside" is quite popular view in kalachakra system. Importance and use of this system is that one can study cosmology in correspond with human body which ultimately lead to Buddha hood or enlightenment. Scientist pays more attention towards cosmology outside where as the kalachakra practitioners emphasis more in the inner self.

When scientist managed to send rocket to the space , yogi can understand the phenomena of space merely by visualizing and knowing inner self. Isn't it surprising that the revolution circle of mercury and Venus were predicted at We produce almanac every year based on kalachakra system. Almanac is like an ephemeris in which exact position of moon , planets and star are calculate. This is very important for Tibetan people since they tend to relate their daily activities according to the almanac. More importantly, the almanac is indispensable for Yogi for their religious propose.

It also have detailed about solar and lunar eclipses. Arising Vowels dYangs-char : This is one art of prediction where the different vowels are assigns to planetary position of each day or month to know its effect on individual and nations at large. The system is based on text called Shiva Sarodhaya which was preached by the lord shiva in manifestation of Avalokiteshvara and Tara , as Shiva and Paravati respectively, in order to perform pacifying, enriching, subjugating and wrathful activities.

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