Libra november 2 birthday horoscope

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Likewise, your children will flourish under your guidance. Your ideal partner is one born under the Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer zodiacs. You are highly compatible with these natives. This means that your relationship with them will grow by leaps and bounds.

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All indicators are that you are least compatible with a Libra. Your relationship with them is bound to flop.

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We strongly advise against it. November 2 zodiac people have an artistic side to their personality. You appreciate beauty — both internal and external. Mystery is in your second nature. You are not one to put all your cards on the table. You prefer to give out as little information as possible.

November 2 Birthday Astrology

Granted, this has its merits. In doing this, you ensure that you control the most critical details of any project you are working on. As such, you are largely responsible for the end result. All the same, you need to take care that people do not misinterpret your love for mystery. This, in turn, could cripple your operations. Your inquisitive nature is a big asset to your community. How is this so? You see, your curiosity leads you to look for the answer to some of the problems that bedevil your society.

People enjoy your company. You are fun, humorous, and intelligent. Your conversations are lively. This means that you are usually the life at every social gathering. However, you have a few weaknesses in your personality that you can deal with.

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  5. These flaws will make a dent on your personality unless you handle them decisively. For example, you tend to worry unnecessarily. Remember, worrying has never solved any problems for anyone. If anything, it will only usurp your energy. Also, you are often unforgiving. You tend to carry the baggage from past mistakes. This is likely to weigh down on you. Let the past be. The best way to move forward is by forgiving.

    All in all, you were born for success.

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    You have the resources to achieve this. Ensure that you use them optimally. You share the 2nd November birthday with a number of prominent people from across the globe. You can easily fall into a trap of wanting to control and own the object of your affection and you're no stranger to using sex as a weapon. After all, in your opinion, all is fair in love and war.

    Romantic prospects find you irresistible and you have the ability to hypnotize someone with your sexual prowess and promise of unending loyalty.

    If your love ever betrays you however, they will see the ugly side of your stinger. At your core you can be extremely vengeful when hurt. Sign in. All Football. Nika Shakhnazarova. Mystic Meg October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to.