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While working as a teacher or remaining jobless, he cleared the most difficult course of law and passed out the examination of Advocate. He became Advocate. The firm did not pay him a single penny for the work for whole of the year. Whatsoever earned so far got consumed. My father had started searching a job. Dave my father applied. Viththal Gadh was a very small state whose annual income was 1.

The king was calculative. He initially gave Rs. But after some time he realize the skill of M. Dave and started giving Rs. King was kind and brave. Dave resolved all the problems of the kingdom related with nearby kings and the British agency. In a conference of all the kings of Saurashtra, where a matter related with sports was being discussed.

It was a general opinion about the welfare of the people with the least priority to the sports. Dave justified the importance of the sports, though M. Dave had never participated in any sports. The Maharaja of Dhangadhra was very much impressed by his speech and invited to join his kingdom. Since the king of Viththal Gadh had left with no problem, he relieved him. In M. Dave was the minister of publication of government orders in Dhrangadhra kingdom, where his work was remarkable. On 15 th August , India became independent. The Maharaja of Dhrangadhra was the first king to decide to hand over his kingdom to the Union of India.

But Vallabhbhai Patel visited Bhavnagar first. Hence the Maharaja of Bhavnagar became the first king to handover the kingdom to the Union of India. Manubhai Shah the minister probably the minister of commodities and industry wanted a person, excellent in languages and legal matters. Somebody told him, and advice to pick up M. Dave who was in Dhrangadhra State, though he was considered pro-kingdoms by some people, but in reality he was devoted to the national interest as he had suffered a lot from a kingdom during his early life. He was absorbed as Senior Superintendent thereafter he was made Dy.

He drafted the law and the ordinance accurately and skillfully, all the ministries had a very high opinion about him. Somewhere in , Bhavnagar Darbar Bank was to be nationalized.

A Book of Astrological Correct Predictions (Part II) - Jyotish Maha Charts

At a later stage M. In due course he became Dy. General Manager which was next to the General Manager. Dave retired at the then superannuation age of 58 years, during the period of his services the bank flourished like anything, from 4 branches to branches widely spread in all the big cities of India and all the villages having upto population in Saurashtra. On the very next day of his retirement, M. Then he worked as Legal advisor to the National Textile Corporation. Wherever he went he had brought revolution.

He had a special technique for innovative ideas to reduce the efforts, that too, with foolproof procedure. He would never become angry, even if the person would had committed repetitive mistake. Of course such occasion would hardly come up, because he would point out the error with some humor,. Though he was a lawyer, his perception on mathematical fundamental principles was clear. His logic was extraordinary and convincing to make the person agreeable on what had he suggested. Even national union leaders of nationalized banks employees were scared of him.

He was very strict on his principles. There were many persons in Lunavada State whom nobody can purchase at any price. Dave was falling under that category. After the retirement from several service jobs, he and his son Mr. Girish Dave, who was M. Advocates in Mumbai in This is an international law firm of a special grade. He being a scholar of Sanskrit had made several translations of law books. Most prominent was the translation of initial portion of Indian Constitution in Sanskrit Verse. This book was dedicated to the then President of India Dr.

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On reading this book, Dr. Radhakrishnan wrote him a personal letter for appreciating his work. Based on this, the Government of India later requested him to translate the whole constitution of India in Sanskrit. He did the same somewhere in He was awarded by the Ministry of Law Union of India. In a progressive thrombosis paralyses attacked him. Dave remained inactive for a week. He died peacefully in on this day, i. My father never dressed in payjama. He used to wear Khadi clothes. He never applied soap on his body even while shaving. He used to write articles in English magazines.

He was logical but conservative. His concepts were clear. He believed in Castes system. He never touched onion, Garlic, Bit, Carrot … etc. He had hatred towards smoking, drinking liquor and non-veg food. However he had never enforced his beliefs on us. He sacrificed fame to perform his duties towards his family. He could have become a person of national fame, but in that case his family could have been put in hardship. He married at the age of 20 with an oath before Fire that he would take care of his family.

He stuck to his oath, and though ready to sacrifice everything for himself, he did not ask his family to suffer to enable him to meet his ambitions. In this way he sacrificed his ambition of fame. He served the nation by his services. He was against Nehruvian Congress.

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Surprisingly I find no negative on their end at that time. But my father could foresee their aptitude. My father was very much in favor of A. Gorwala an Ex. ICS officer who resigned on principle from the Government. Gorwala had not even cared for his pension benefit.

His idea ran parallel with socialism but he had no faith in Government machinery. He wanted self sufficient units like what M. He just showed his displeasure and denied. My eldest brother told me with a smile that we Brahmins do not worship small God. There is no mention of any place which is outside India in Vedas. Tags: M. Blog at WordPress. Feeds: Posts Comments. Dave the Great Yes. Dave was great under the afore said criteria. Of course such occasion would hardly come up, because he would point out the error with some humor, Though he was a lawyer, his perception on mathematical fundamental principles was clear.

He had convincing solution for each issue, After the retirement from several service jobs, he and his son Mr. Saturn is the karaka of 6th, 8th and 12th houses meaning disease, enemy, death, loss, debt, interest and expenses. Saturn is Yama and therefore its not able to give good. Saturn has one quality and that is its satanic power.

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Native will be able to use its satanic power only if it is aspected by a Sarak graha. Planets and their Social Status Sun is the king and it dwells in palace and lives a royal life. Moon is the queen and dwells in artistic home with garden and fountains. Its home is full of gold, silver and jewels. Mars is the minister or the army chief. It lives in a bungalow as per its ministerial status. Mercury is a businessman, finance minister or a treasurer and lives in a house as per its status. Jupiter is the Dev Guru. It lives in the city in a house which has two or three rooms.

Venus is the Danav Guru and lives in a two or three room house in a village. Saturn is the king of Danavas, he is a demon, uneducated, cruel, and hence it lives in a slum. In every horoscope Ascendant is the Spine. All other planets give results of their houses according to the strength of lord of the first house. The native will attain the status of the lord of the sign in which lagnesh is situated except when its placed in 6th, 8th or 12th houses.

He will gain riches and acquire vehicles. However, if Ascendant lord is in a sign of a lower status planet, then such Sun will maintain the natives position as per Lagna rashi. Suppose for Sagittarius Ascendant, Jupiter being in Capricorn or Aquarius rashi with Sun placed in 1st or 7th house, in this way the natives social status will not go below Jupiters status.

Same way, if Ascendant lord is placed in 6 th, 8th or 12th houses, the native will not attain the status of the lord of the sign in which it is placed. In such situation if any benefic planet is related to the Lagna then natives position is maintained as per Lagna rashi. But if such related planet is of lower status then it will give lower status.

A book of Astrological Correct Prediction (1966) vol I by Manubhai Shah

For example, in Cancer Ascendant if Moon is in 6 th, 8th or 12th house, the native will attain the status of Saturn. But if Ascendant not its lord is in aspect with Sun, then the native will get the status of the Moon not of the Sun. Any planet connected with 1st house lord by yuti, prati-yuti or drishti will have an impact on the nature of 1st house lord, but will not impact the status of 1 st house lord. When 1st house lord except Saturn is in its karaka house in a sign having better status, then lagnesh will attain the position of that planet.

Suppose lagnesh Mars is in 11th house with Jupiter in Aquarius rashi, in this case Mars will not attain the status of Aquarius rashi Saturns status but of Jupiter. When 1st house lord is in its karaka house in a sign having lower status, then lagnesh will be free from rashi dosha. In such a situation it is considered as if in their own rashi. Suppose in Sagittarius Lagna with lagnesh Jupiter in 2nd house, natives financial status will not be of Saturn but of Jupiter. In short, planet in its karaka house is said to be in its own house and free from rashi dosha.

When 1st house lord aspects the first house, the native will attain the status of the sign in the first house or the status of the sign in which the 1 st house lord is placed, whichever is higher.


For instance, in Taurus Ascendant when Venus is placed in the 7th house in the sign of Mars. As Venus aspects its own sign the native will attain the status of either Venus or Mars. Since Mars status is higher than Venus then the native will reach up to the status of Mars.

If Dev lagnesh is in Danav rashi, then lagnesh will not accept the vices of Danav rashi. However he will accept the virtues of Danav rashi and will get the status of Danav rashi. Danav lagnesh will get results of the sign in which it is placed except 6 th, 8th and 12th houses.

But such native will suffer when Saturn in transit connects with lagnesh by yuti, prati-yuti or drishti. Bad results will prevail even though Saturn is Sarak and worse if he happens to be Marak. Dev lagnesh in debilitation is considered weak. If in the kundali of such native lagnesh is placed in a lower status sign, then the native will get lower status Except for Moon and Mars. If Danav lagnesh is in debilitation, then native will get the position of that sign, but if that sign is of a higher status rashi, the native will not be able to enjoy higher status.

For example, when lagnesh Mercury is in Pisces rashi, Mercury will have to undergo the results of Pisces rashi. On other hand, when lagnesh Venus is in Virgo rashi, Venus will not be able to enjoy the results of Virgo rashi. Similarly, if lagnesh Saturn is in Aries rashi, the native will not enjoy the results of Aries rashi. In Dev Lagna kundali 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th signs , Saturn being aspected by Mars 8th drishti is said to be Sarak.

Saturn could not harm because it is defeated by Mars. Such yoga is found in the horoscopes of Industrialists, these natives can use Saturns satanic power to do mass production. Devas planets do not take advantage of Danavas position, but Danavas planets take advantage of Devas position. Now let us take one example to make above rules more clear: Example chart:. Thus the native will have problems related to the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses. But Saturn turned Sarak because it is with Mars.

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  • Also Sun aspects Jupiter hence Marak power of Saturn is reduced considerably. Venus is strongest Marak as it is aspected by Saturn and not having drishti of any Sarak planet. Though Sun. Manubhai Shahs Prediction Techniques Pb w. Marque por contenido inapropiado. Carrusel Anterior Carrusel Siguiente. Buscar dentro del documento. The technique structure base of his predictions is founded on the following points: Sthan Karakas Irrespective of the sign it is tenanting, planets in certain houses produce good results.

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