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He shares your need for a deep and meaningful love, but he's a bit flighty and "up in the clouds" too.

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The problem here is that there is no balance. Each of you needs to be paired with a strong personality who can balance your ethereal tendencies. Unfortunately, you won't find that balance together. You each need a different kind of partner to make a relationship work. There will also be clashes because you both like the world to revolve around you- and there's only one world to go around.

You two are a little too self-involved to look out for each other the way you should.

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A match that is not made to last. Add a comment.

Asker's rating. These two artsy, romantic signs approach life differently, but often have enough common traits to adapt. Once they bond, they can build a fantasyland together.

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Air-sign Libra has a breezier, more outgoing approach and than emotional Pisces, who needs periods of privacy and deep reflection. Because Libra is the sign of "other people," and Pisces absorbs feelings like a sponge, they'll have to be careful not to get lost in each other's moods. Romance and fantasy are big with these two, who want love to look a little bit like a Hallmark card or a classic novel.

Both can be tortured souls in their own ways, and may need to channel their agony into a creative outlet.

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Without this, they can become depressed and self-destructive. Many Libras and Pisces are drawn to photography, writing and the arts. They have refined tastes and a knack for spotting beauty. If it's a dance, she'll sit in the corner. If it's a party, she'll sit in the corner. If she's at a family gathering, she'll follow her sister like a shadow.

Yui is very nervous and is worried about doing anything wrong. She hates being scolded and cries very easily.

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The only time Yui is not really shy is when she is surrounded by close friends or family. When she gets to know someone well, which takes awhile, she becomes sweet and quite a bit less shy. However, if Yui does even a little thing wrong, even around close friends, she starts apologizing and then gets really nervous for awhile. The two differ greatly as explained in the rest of this section but one thing you should know is that when Toko switches to Mao, vice-versa, they retain each other's memories.

What usually causes Toko to switch to Mao is when Toko starts to feel negative emotions.

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From then on there is no specific way to change Mao into Toko, it is literally up to time. It could last 3 minutes to an hour. Toko nerdy - sweet - innocent - persuasive Toko is a very sweet girl. She is nice to everyone and treats anyone older with great respect. While she looks very smart which she is Toko can be a bit of an airhead sometimes e.

Without even knowing it, Toko can be very persuasive in many different situations.

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All in all, Toko is a total nerd. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Daily Horoscopes Pisces Daily Horoscope. Aquarius Daily Horoscope.

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