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Forget Your Sun Sign: Your Node Pairing Sheds Light on Your Life Path

Friendly, bubbly and chatty, you may go through life having many different friends that always go to you if they need a distraction, which is great! Always fun, conversations will be able other topics instead of what is really going on in your life which could lower the quality of your friendships. How do your friends really feel about their lives? Ask this instead of where they brought their new shoes from. Dig deeper with people so your connections can be ones built on strength, rather than on gossip and meaningless chatter.

Your Soulmate Will Know You

You tend to worry, which means insecurities can build up in your head over pretty much nothing at all. If two people are whispering, you are likely to jump to conclusions and wonder why they are talking about you. Instead of focusing on the negatives, clear your head from the inner battles that go on and just allow yourself to relax. March 29th, — October 9th, November 3rd, — April 27th, May 23rd, — November 18th, December 19th, — August 21st, Fun, animated and limitless, you like to push the boundaries in your social life and being the life of the party is something you like to be.

One of the issues you could face is being a little too self-absorbed. If you and a friend both have good news, try not to steal their thunder as this will be something that could distance people from you. In your life, try to become a part of a team so you can appreciate input from others, such as taking part in a sport or cause. July 27th, — March 28th, April 20th, — November 2nd, December 3rd, — May 22nd, June 23rd, — December 18th, You love everything in your life to be perfect which means from a young age, you want to behave perfectly and act like an angel.

It can be very hard for you to keep up with this, especially when you go through hard times in your life. You need to learn how to approach others when you feel defeated so you can gain a little guidance from them. Surrender and let others help you for once! Let us know and comment below! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Call now… Same Star Signs In Love. Crystal of the Month for August — Garnet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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This can cost you your peace of mind. Your lesson is to find a way to explore your own sense of purpose and value, to learn to create the life you want to live and to understand that happiness is a choice — something that comes from within you, and not through other people and events. This position indicates that you tend to jump to conclusions, making snap decisions on first impressions. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself — real or imagined — and you sometimes come across as a bit self-important.

Part of your karmic lesson is to learn to slow down to the speed of life, be interested in the lives of others and get over your fear of being repressed.

The North Node and South Node in Synastry: Karmic Relationships, Fated Meetings, Deeper Meanings

If your North Node is in Cancer , you could have a hard time surrendering control and letting others take the lead. Your lesson is to learn to stop micromanaging everything. When you understand that vulnerability is actually a strength rather than a weakness, you can find greater happiness and fulfillment in your interactions with others.

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  4. Care less about what others think of you, and spend more time pursuing your creativity and manifesting your bliss. Try to keep your head and your heart in balance, and rather than over-thinking things. A Virgo North Node reveals a tendency to try to escape the routine practicalities of your life. You feel things deeply and strongly — sometimes too intensely, which can knock you off your center and be very distressing.

    Creating a routine and sticking to it is going to be one of the best things you should hope to achieve — and it may bore you to tears before you get used to it.

    A kinder, gentler lover

    You could be missing valuable opportunities if you do. You let your determination overrule any hunches and gut feelings that you may have, and this leads you to doing things the hard way. Appreciate people for who they are, not what they have or what they can do for you. If you hang onto things too tightly, you cannot open your life up to for newness.

    Lack of self-confidence, and issues around duty, guilt and shame need to be released. You are your worst enemy at those times when you buy into self-limiting beliefs about yourself. At a huge assembly in Belgium, Krishnamurti stood up in front of thousands of people and declared that he was not the Messiah they were hoping for. He released himself from expectations and roles, and insisted that the only thing he could teach was how to be free.

    However he spoke with so much charisma, and experience bred from his personal struggles, that he created followers even in his rebellion.

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    Krishnamurti insisted that the only thing he could teach was about the nature of the mind itself and the way to freedom—a way that was without dogma or guidelines. He distained spiritual gurus and religions of any kind, and essentially had the heart of a mystic which shines through in his poetry. Ironically he ended up becoming just what the Theosophists predicted—a great spiritual teacher, yet what he taught was radically different than expected. Freedom is the foundation for the Pisces North Node.

    His teachings influenced millions of people, including metaphysicians such as David Bohm. The Pisces North Node urges us to bring the head and the heart together, and to find ways to transcend traditional boundaries and even to flow into altered states of consciousness. Meditation, in all its forms, is one of the most time honored ways to do this, and Krishnamurti spoke endlessly about meditation —here are a few of his quotes on the subject:. It has no technique and therefore no authority. When you learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy-if you are aware of all that in yourself, without any choice, that is part of meditation.

    These have been based on desire, will, and the urge for achievement, and imply conflict and a struggle to arrive. This conscious, deliberate striving is always within the limits of a conditioned mind, and in this there is no freedom. All effort to meditate is the denial of meditation. Meditation is the ending of thought.