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Russell Grant Video Horoscope Capricorn 01.03.2008

All of these conflict styles can lead to successful relationships. Learn what to do if you and your partner are mismatched in your conflict style. Are you a "yes" to your partner's bids? Are they a yes to yours? How do things change if you start paying attention and responding to your partner's bids in a positive way? Gottman's concept of startup is a way of thinking about what you bring to your interactions with your partner.

Do you start in a place that's already positive, and thinking highly of your partner? Or do you start in a place where you are suspecting the worst of your partner? What phase are you in? The key to success is using strategies that are appropriate for where you are in your relationship. The key to more sex is having the freedom to say "no" without being punished for it. If refusing sex can actually have a positive payoff, then it will actually lead to a couple having a more satisfying and frequent sex life. Focus on cherishing your partner.

What if YOU are the only partner who wants to make changes? Can you make a difference? Learn how shifts in your approach can have a profound affect on your relationship. The key to success in a relationship isn't that nothing bad ever happens. It's how well you as a couple learn how to repair after those things occur. John discusses how you can learn to repair, and the positive effects that has on long-term relationships. When you're with your partner, are you at your best? Or are you veering off towards your worst? Gottman offers this simple guideline for how to know whether to stay or go.

Join us for these topics and more. If you download the guide within the first week of this show's airing, you will also qualify for a chance to win a free signed copy of Dr. Rank 1: AstroEnergy February 5, Join intuitive astrologer Shelley Overton for current horoscope discussion and guests. We will keep you informed weekly here. Have a great and prosperous week. Rank 1: Forecast for September 28 - October 4, Jupiter in late Libra continues to shake things up socially with aspects to Chiron, Uranus and Neptune. Racism and Nationalism are now on the front burner.

Libran contrasts remain evident as we make efforts to bridge the social differences on collective levels. We are now building new structures for our future Soul growth to take place. Our collective resources have been shifting and metamorphosing since Pluto entered Capricorn in and the Great Recession. How have you progressed with your new careers and work choices? Explore the mid-degrees of the cardinal signs in your chart for clues and guideposts for acceleration with these work and social themes.

This is the second of three conjunctions for Mars-Venus in Virgo Self worth and self-love must come first prior to projecting yourself onto the relationship scene. The challenge is to be authentic, discerning and very self-accurate in all relating as we journey together to the core of the Soul. Rank 2: Forecast for April 21 - May 2, A game of planetary ping pong is now initiated with Pluto and Saturn joining Jupiter Retrograde. The veil is thinning and our prior efforts may be rewarded.

Responsibilities come with added power and pay. Enjoy the intensity and your next level of evolutionary impulse and growth. Family circumstances, inner security, grass roots involvement, and emotional self-reliance are strongly in our face now. Welcome to the Sun in Taurus! The activity levels will calm down soon after all that Aries earlier in the month. Our week ahead holds a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo which means something is coming to a head with lovers, kids, creatie projects, or recreational pursuits, or perhaps a drama or a Leo in your life.

Eclipses are 3 times more powerful than typical Full Moons so emotions run high. We also have the Sun and Mercury heading into Aquarius which kicks in a more social trend over the weeks ahead, freeing us up to pursue aspirations. Tune in to hear how it impacts your sign, your astrology! The Sun and Mars are both quite active in our week ahead which means we will be in there physically or personally, feeling motivated, passionate or angry and doing something about it. Tune in to hear how your zodiac sign is influenced! Live weekday mornings on the Living Astrology Facebook page.

Good morning everyone! What does that mean for all of us??? Tune in this morning and find out!


See you there! Rank 2: Weekend Astrology - Moon in Libra. It's the last Friday of and the last weekend of This morning we'll be taking a look at the transits that take us through the end of the year. What does the Astrology in April and May have in store for you? Moonscapes Love your life astrology empowers you to live your genius and love your life. Rank 2: Spring Eclipse Season. Astrology forecast starting March 8 - April 7, Rank 1: Sagittarius.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22nd where it will stay until December 21st. During this time travel may feed your adventurous spirit. The wilderness might also call to you, and a hike in the woods or a camping trip could be just what you need to restore your vitality and reconnect with your inner truth. Intellectual travel will also be satisfying — through attending lectures, taking classes or simply talking with people who see the world very differently from yourself.

There is also a Full Moon in Gemini so you may be pleasantly surprised by the progress you are making with the project you initiated during the New Moon on November 7th. Additional insights can make your endeavor seem even more worthwhile, once you incorporate them.

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No doubt, people will be impressed by what you tell them. Your quest for knowledge can be personally fulfilling once the answers come to you, and you get a chance to show off just a little. Nebulous Neptune turns direct on Saturday after being retrograde since June. If you are a mutable sign — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces then this influence may affect you. The year starts out with action planet Mars in its own sign of Aries so gets off to a flying start.

This means we need to keep our egos in check and help those in need. For most of January and all of February there will be no planets in retrograde motion. This will provide all of us a reprieve to plan our future and move forward without too many obstacles and limitations. In July, we have two more eclipses. The first is a Solar Eclipse in moody Cancer. Many of us may find ourselves focused on family matters and issues around the home. On July 16th we have another intense Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

Manifestations that were set in motion at the beginning of the year may finally start to materialize. In we have three dreaded Mercury retrogrades.

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The first in March then July and finally in November. These are times when we need to take caution with communication, travel plans and purchasing electronic equipment. These periods are good for reviewing, renewing and recycling. In December, expansive Jupiter moves into goal seeking Capricorn where it will stay through This is a time when many of us will feel motivated and optimistic about our professional endeavors.

Rank 1: Weekly Horoscopes - May 14th, Your weekly zodiac forecast. Rank 2: Weekly Horoscopes - December 8th, I this pre-recorded episode I'm joined once again by my friend and fellow Scorpio Sherene Shostak.

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We talk about the astrology of October, eclipses, the shadow, Pluto, Scorpio, and jealousy. We aslo recorded this while staying in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Prerecorded Podcast In this edition I sit down again with astrologer and fellow Scorpio, Sherene Schostak, to get a debrief on April's monumental cardinal grand cross. Sherene also discuses her work with Project 40, a Jungian inspired forty day journey towards deeper awareness and transformation. You can find Project 40 at www. Rank 1: Undergoing Difficult Transits. Disagreements can be overcome if you are all willing to make the effort.

New experiences are what you are looking for. This could be achieved in a number of ways. A team effort will make short work of job and family commitments. Others will be happy to admit that if they share the responsibility, they should share the work. You will be pleased with agreements reached as November ends.

Talk over joint plans for the future. A few moments of careful planning will help save you a lot of future hassle. Beware of working too hard. Headaches and stomach pains could drain your energy. Take a few days off and it will help recharge your batteries. Changing your routine will benefit your health. Weekly horoscope from Russell Grant: What's in store for your star sign this week?

Leave others to get on with their work by themselves and insist they do thesame for you. As it is, your goals are very private ones and there are some plans you will want to keep secret.


Allowing others to get involved would only slow you down as arguments over methods and intentions could grow tiresome. A partner or loved one has been overspending. Someone you live with is nervous about arrangements other members of the family are making. Their negativity is not helping the atmosphere at home.

If you sit down and have a heart to heart chat with them it could help make them feel a little less anxious. Turn a deaf ear to anyone who thinks you should be experimenting with new ideas. Setting your house in order is your first priority. One thing that will surprise you is how willing your friends, family and workmates are, to provide you with the support you need.

Preparations are being made for a wedding or family celebration. A lodger or someone close might be moving in with you. You enjoy making people comfortable in your home. A new sense of duty and pride comes with increasing family activity. A child or young person is having problems at school or college.