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Knowledge in law will equip the individuals with intellectual skills which will give a decisive advantage in whichever profession one chooses. Law is a subject where one can develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life.

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Studying Law helps to develop abstract thinking, logical reasoning and practical problem-solving. Through analysis of case studies and other work on our course, students will become highly skilled and also develop very strong oral and written communications skills needed in many professions.

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Mooting and other legal skills competitions provide the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a lawyer. Students learn the foundation legal skills, then use and explore to develop their proficiency and competence. Air conditioned lecture halls with ICT resources for audio visual teaching, well furnished moot court hall with provision for desk tops and laptops with access to wi-fi facility is available to the judges, participants and court officers, Legal Aid Clinic with modern facilities, Language Lab, Computer Lab, fully equipped and well furnished Seminar Hall, Central library with large number of books, periodicals, All India Reporters and back volumes where students can access and gain knowledge.

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All these develop confidence in a realistic setting, gain skills in critical analysis, research, teamwork, use of language and argument and also the ability to work and learn independently among the students. Every semester will have an academic calendar in order to have an overview of the programs. Apart from regular classes the course is taught through class instruction case studies by senior legal practitioners. It also includes problem solving, case analysis, paper presentations, seminars, Audio-Video, Discussion and Power Point presentation using LCD projectors.

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Varied careers open to law graduates. Law degree from School of Law, Vels University can give the skills to be a successful lawyer and also be successful in any other profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world.

There is growing needs of Law graduates from Govt and Corporate sectors as Legal consultant. The integrated Bachelor of Law program provides Innovative and well designed curriculum with a range of assessment methods and a wide choice of optional. High quality teaching faculty will facilitate in studying law within the broader areas like economics, sociology, political science, Psychology and History has been designed to have maximum integration of specific areas of legal knowledge.

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Totally 56 papers are offered for the entire Five year programme. This free astrology magazine is contributed by astrologers worldwide who wish to carry the torch of true astrology to the next generation of astrologers. You can freely download the full astrology magazine from the download magazine section. You can also download individual astrology articles from the articles section. Bhrighu jyotish work shop 20th january saturday 10am-5pm contact mrs poonam saxena : 91 saptarishis office no Learn bhrighu jyotish secrects from the author of best seller Bhrighu saral paddhati Click Here.

How to rectify your birth time till D60, Using Nadi Techniques in D60 to accurately predict year of event..

Amit Kudwal Astrologer Address And Phone Number

How to use only D60 to make predictions Click Here. For all the lovers and passionate students of astrology,Check out Saptarishis Astrology Reasearch Group for techniques. The role of gemstone in our life is so much important. You can calm the evil influence of the planets, through your life, Gemstone. If you do not have your birth journal, do not worry, because we can tell you through the hand lines of your hand which gem is beneficial for you.

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