Scorpio moon love compatibility

Geminis often feel uncomfortable handling the serious emotions of the Scorpios and may tend to avoid the scenario or use humor as a tool of diversion. The emotional outbursts and jealousy of Scorpio might drive the Geminis crazy. While Scorpios are very secretive, Geminis are more social and constantly need mental stimulation. Scorpios can often be demanding and expect intimacy from their partners which may not be capable for the Geminis to achieve.

Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign Both of you form quite a compatible pair and share great respect and understanding for each other. Both of you are instinctual and sensitive that when you focus on others you will lose your objectivity about your personal relationship. The special bonding you share nurtures you both spiritually and mentally. Scorpios are happy that Cancereans are dependent and clingy because secretively they are equally dependent on them. The emotionally intense Scorpios have strong loves or hates and may tend to hide their true feelings to others.

When they are hurt they can be very revengeful.

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Both of you reveal yourselves only to a very few you do not like to appear vulnerable or wanting. All Cancer natives want is to have a peaceful and caring atmosphere at home. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign Both of you are strong, inflexible, and proud and want to be in charge of the relationship. This could be a challenging pairing that one of you may have to make compromises to make things work out.

You both have different temperaments and need to input commitment and honesty in the relationship. While Leo natives are warm, friendly, fun-loving and open, Scorpios are intense, secretive and emotionally complex. Scorpios generally do not accept things superficially and always try to seek hidden context, whereas Leo accepts things the way they are, so Leo may feel that Scorpios are unnecessarily probing or troubling always. Leo natives are forward-looking while Scorpios tend to dwell in the past.

Scorpio Moon Sign

Also, Scorpios are suspicious which the straightforward Leos get infuriated at. Leos are more energetic and love to spend time with people whereas Scorpios want to spend time alone or with few close friends or relations. However if both of you overcome and accept your differences, then you can be a great couple. However, you have distinctive differences as well. Scorpio natives are emotionally intense, intuitive and love secrets.

They are complex and often tend to hide their feelings. Virgos are more logical and try to be perfect in everything and sometimes find difficult to detach from unnecessary situations.

Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility

Both of you tend to probe and analyze self as well as others, with a constant need of self-improvement. Scorpios are passionate and demanding and try to stir up personal clashes to get those emotions, whereas Virgos are somewhat shy and restrained about acting too emotional. Hence they may find it difficult to handle the emotional intensity of the Scorpios. Though Scorpios hide their feelings of guilt or jealousy, they tend to be manipulative and take control of the relationship.

Since Virgos are self-critical, Scorpios must be careful while commenting on them, especially when they are in a bad mood. Both of you are extremely honest and with efforts from both your ends, you can make the relationship going. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign Both of you can succeed in this pairing if one of you is willing to compromise with the idiosyncrasies of the other.

However in some situations, compromising is not possible since your wishes and desires are different. Libra natives are very friendly and congenial and tend to avoid unpleasant situations and personal conflicts. They want to be liked and surrounded by people. However, Scorpios are emotionally deep and complex who is not interested in social interaction.

This might often make them feel lonely and isolated. Libra natives want fairness in everything while Scorpios are revengeful. While Libras want peaceful atmosphere at home and hate confrontation, Scorpios want emotional drama and passion. Libras look at the bright and positive nature in people whereas Scorpios are attracted to the mysterious and hidden part of people.

Usually, Libras accept people the way they are while Scorpios tend to probe and analyze things and is often suspicious. Also, Scorpios may try to manipulate and take control of the relationship. Both of you really have to be committed to make things work out smoothly. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign Both of you share the same positive as well as negative traits and are extremely intense in exhibiting your emotions, moody and jealous.

When one of you turns suspicious, it is even stronger. Since you both are very intense and passionate, the chances for a Scorpio-Scorpio pairing are very low. Both of you hide your true feelings and do anything wholeheartedly whether it is love, hatred, anger or loathing. Both of you tend to dwell over your past and can intensify your hidden feelings which could cause resentment. You both like to have secrets and are highly suspicious and cautious in revealing your true emotions.

Since you both are similar in this context, you share a good understanding, but when you fight with each other it will be equally intense and explosive. Although both of you may appear calm, there may be burning vengeance or hatred underneath. Both of you want to take control of the relationship and are keen to experience diverse emotional scenarios.

Both of you like to engage in challenging or dangerous physical activities. If not possible, they may create personal conflicts among themselves. If at all you both manage to work things out, then this will turn out to be a strong and passionate relationship. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign Both of you are very different in your emotional natures and until one of you is ready to compromise a lot, this pairing might not work out. There may be few common ideas and opinions but they are not sufficient to keep the relationship for long term. Sagittarians are optimistic, forward-looking and tend to ignore any bitter experiences in the past, whereas Scorpios are emotionally very intense and tend to dwell over the past.

While Sagittarians are outspoken and share their emotions freely, Scorpios are secretive, suspicious and do not trust anyone very easily.

Moon Sign Meaning Compatibility Simplified

Sagittarians love to talk and socialize with people, whereas Scorpios are inward and asocial. Sagittarians often try to lighten up the moody Scorpios which will often be mistaken as invasive. Sagittarians are friendly, not possessive and love their independent freedom without being questioned or analyzed, whereas Scorpios get deep-rooted with emotions and loved ones and are highly jealous and possessive.

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  • If both of you are willing to accept your differences, then there are slight chances of saving the relationship. Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign Both of you have great respect and admiration upon each other and will share a friendly and romantic relationship. You both are loyal, committed and extremely cautious in trusting anybody.

    Both of you are quiet and tend to hide your true feelings, but for varied reasons. Though you both can be best friends, it is the differences that could cause problem between you two.

    Moon signs reveal what makes people feel loved—so use them to plan the ideal romantic night.

    Capricorns try to keep an emotional distance and restrain from expressing their emotional needs to be taken care of. Often Capricorn natives may appear blank and detached and takes everything very seriously. They may regard material accomplishment and success more important than emotional expression and happiness.

    You can always be sure that if he loves you, there is no doubt that those words come from an honest place. Leaving at the mercy of the unconsciousness of the movements of consciousness and subconsciousness, this human being who has luminaries located in Pisces and Scorpio signs is constantly trying to reconcile what he is or think he is to what is surrounding him. It occurs because this human being rarely succeeds because he is hindered by strong internal earthquakes that are exhausting and preventing the preservation of the lucidity necessary for his life in reality.

    He wants to have spiritual fulfilment, but his emotions are suppressing him so that he cannot make the point where he is real enough, even when he is desperately trying to make it. In the end, he falls into the vortex of emotions, confusion, pure chaos, and it spreads to its surroundings — no one wants to be in his environment when he is like this. This is the person who has a tendency towards introspection, towards conscious research into the inner emotional labyrinth, reaches an enviable level in this connection.

    He is, without a doubt a person who can love a lot, he has a restless nature, but problems occur when he is overwhelmed by his dreams, he is often defined with apparent opposites of the real and fabricated, torn between the rejection of supremacy and the desire to rise to the summit, this person is entrusted with strong feelings. In love, a human being with the Sun and Moon located in Pisces and Scorpio signs is often inclined to secret, forbidden passionate affairs -and he does not give up from such affairs, even when he feels that is time to find some peace in love.

    For some people who look at his life, everything may seem like a movie, but in some other times this person is very reclusive, and nothing happens in an emotional sense. This person needs more tolerance and should try to build a more flexible relationship with his lovers. It is the fact that he must take care of his sometimes masochistic behaviors in love that is putting him in the centre of the unsolvable conflicts and tangled situations. The fact is that this human being who has luminaries located in Pisces and Scorpio sign is the very mysterious and secretive, and it is not very easy to get to know him.

    Many hidden things lie hidden under the surface, and only a handful of partners, maybe even not them have a chance to find what these things are. He acts as a very quiet, simple person, and in essence, he is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he shows, and if anyone, especially his lovers try to play him, he will never forget it, and surely will never forgive it. When this human being loves it is the most intense feeling, he is drawn to other people by his strong, emotional, intuitive nature. He is extremely compassionate, gentle, but if emotions are not replicated, he gives up his lover easily.

    Starstruck: What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Romantic Compatibility

    In the end, we must say that this type of person is understood best though emotions, so if you know what he feels but truly, not what he wants to show you, or convince that he feels. His presence is felt; feelings that live in his heart are strong and with the erotic charge and magnetism — he really enchants the opposite sex. His lovers must be aware of the fact that he has an immense desire to make progress, to overcome your own limitations, so he needs a lover who will follow his idea of growth.

    The fact is that this person will work the best in love with someone who is successful, financially well-off and much more peaceful partner because he constantly fights with his own ambitions and internal unrest.

    Moon in Scorpio: Characteristics and Traits

    He can even be a good match with someone who is a withdrawn, quiet, practical, but ambitious lover. This loving couple is contemplated to be very corresponding, and for that reason, by unifying their common energies, it can function well in everyday life. The Cancer lover shows the necessary trait of practicality and the enormous dose of the imagination of our candidate are united here and can contribute to the easier realisation of common life plans.