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Venus enters your opposing sign today, dear Taurus, where it will transit until November 1st. It's a strong time for attracting warm attention, enjoying your relationships, and good advice or counsel from others. People seem to want your company, and you are inclined to want to pair up more often, even just to have company as you go about your normal day.

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It's a friendlier time, although the attraction is more to one-on-one interactions than to group settings. You are especially companionable and ready to accommodate others during this cycle. It's an excellent time to show your commitment to a relationship or to distinguish yourself as a unique friend. The weeks ahead are favorable for negotiations and agreements.

Today is not ideal for confident decision-making, as you may reach an apparent stumbling block, likely in the form of regret or guilt about the past that's interfering with the present. It's temporary and probably quite helpful when you really look at it, even if it seems counterproductive.

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You can learn a lot about what may be holding you back from pursuing your goals. Recognize your uncertainty rather than react randomly. Monthly Horoscope Overview for October for Taurus:. While work and mundane affairs are in sharp focus in October, dear Taurus, social matters assume increasing importance to you as the month advances. You can work longer hours than usual, or push harder in health and fitness routines. Even so, the month, and especially the , can be powerful for attracting or enhancing a close relationship. Mid-month can be challenging as you juggle mundane tasks in your daily life and your need for rest and recuperation.

It's difficult to rely on others at work or to count on a schedule. The Full Moon on the 13th illuminates a private matter - something that has been left unresolved and now needs settling. Your increased attention to your work, chores, health, and habits is beneficial these days, but now you need to take extra time for rest and reflection and find ways to balance things out. Your desire for independence and freedom is strong as well, which can sometimes conflict with your compelling urge to pair up and enjoy companionship.

How Virgo Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

There are some encouraging indicators for forward movement with your close connections in October. You're set to gain some clarity on a partnership, travel, educational, legal, and promotional matters. Faith in a system or conviction for a particular belief could return, and your desire to explore the world increases. Keep in mind, however, that Mercury will turn retrograde in your partnership sector on the last day of October, and its three-week backward turn can slow some things down.


While it's true that you're enjoying stronger pushes towards independence this year, you're inclined to seek out others for opinions, feedback, and decisions this month, and it's a useful process at this time. You might also attract helpful, conversational, and interesting people into your life.

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This is not about having others make decisions for you, but rather for benefiting from collaboration and learning about your ideas through stimulating conversations and feedback. You're in particularly good shape for public relations, connecting with a counselor or lawyer, and meeting with clients.

How do the stars affect your romantic life? Come to check our daily horoscopes!

October is an excellent time to take on challenging projects that you may have been putting off for lack of energy or time. Positively, you have more initiative and enthusiasm for work projects, and you can apply yourself with more vigor. You might also step up or begin a health and fitness program.

You are highly intuitive, and your powers of attraction are high this month. You may be arriving at a place of understanding about recent events, and especially surrounding your relationships. Even with some ups and downs, you are companionable, and others tend to be on your side in October.

There is divine energy with you for brainstorming or connecting with someone through the mind. There can be illuminating conversations with or about a partner. You're open to facing matters and dealing with them. If you skim the surface of problems, you'll pass by on the opportunities for discovery and growth. You're discovering or redefining some of your ideas through another person or a partner. Even so, you seem to know when it's best to let things go and simply enjoy one another.

Good news or word on health may arrive, and focusing on activities that help advance your practical goals, such as a resume or a project, can be particularly useful and fruitful. Intimate relationships can open up, and you might come to a pleasing agreement with someone you work or spend your days with. Taking a new and open approach to life is the key now. More: Monthly Horoscopes — Details. Uranus moves into your sign more consistently from March forward last year you had a sneak peek of this energy , and Jupiter spends much of the year boosting your intimate world.

The potential for growth and improvement is tremendous. Jupiter in your solar eighth house until December is powerful for your intimate life. Love is rich and deep in As the sun's rays shine in Leo, you're focused on your home and family life, feeling cozy and comfortable, entertaining people in your kitchen, and even reconnecting with your past.

This is a wonderful time to revitalize the energy in your living space, so change your sheets, open all the windows, and energetically cleansing your home, Taurus! As much as Leo season finds you getting rooted and grounded, you're also making important changes this August, thanks to electric Uranus which is currently in your sign! The planet of growth, Jupiter, makes harmonious connections with the sun and Venus on August 7 and 8 respectively, creating a brilliant energy for healing and connecting with your emotions.

Jupiter ends its retrograde on August 11, asking you to break out of your comfort zone—which could be quiet stressful!

Virgo Season Is Here - How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

Don't be afraid to reach out for support; you don't have to do it alone, dear Taurus. Ask for advice from people who have experienced what you're going through. This is a profound time to heal and get closure, but only if you can witness and hold your emotions—even pain—rather than repressing them.

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Stuffing your feelings away isn't just about ignoring them; sometimes we lie to ourselves about what's going on. What story or "spin" have you been putting on something in order to keep yourself from getting upset, Taurus?

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As Jupiter ends its retrograde in blunt, tell-it-like-it-is Sagittarius, it's time to tell yourself the truth. Jupiter's change in direction also finds you working out tricky financial issues, so tap someone who's great at budgeting to help you sort out your debts, taxes, inheritances, or shared resources like bills you split with a partner. Also on August 11, Mercury enters Leo, boosting communication at home and finding you having discussions about your feelings and boundaries.

Uranus begins its retrograde in your sign on this day, which might find you more irritable than usual or in a risk-taking mood. Take it easy on the coffee or other things or people that get you jittery as Uranus changes directions. A warm, cozy atmosphere descends as the sun and Venus meet in Leo on August 14, finding you reconnecting with your sense of home. However, career is also on your mind mid-month: The full moon in Aquarius lands on August 15, bringing a climax to a situation or project brewing at work or in your public life. This is an exciting time to stand in the spotlight, but you might also learn how lonely it can be at the top.